Killed Because Of Raisins ! …Raisins ???

March 11 2004.

2,5 years after 9/11, terrorists decided to attack people living in the West once again, this time by detonating several bombs on trains in Madrid, Spain.

The result = 191 killed.

& even though these horrific attacks were carried out by Muslim terrorists, it was ETA who was blamed as the initial suspect.

The real culprits were eventually found & then… they blew themselves up.

Suicide is of course an excellent way to get to Paradise ASAP & pimp eternal over those 72 promised virginal maidens delicious raisins.

Once, after apparently having overheard the media saying Muslim terrorists were worse than non-Muslim terrorists, a friend of mine said: “What difference does it make they’re Muslims ? A terrorist is a terrorist.

A statement which would be true were it not for the fact that Muslim terrorists attack anyone & everyone ALL over the world, while the likes of say ETA operate, as far as bombings go, on a regional level.

So yes, they’re both evil but only 1 of them is crazee Evil everywhere


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