You Ought To Know By Now

About a week ago, a friend of mine asked me about the kind of music I liked.

It was difficult to give a specific answer to that question as I listen to this & I listen to that.

My friend then added “sometimes on blogs people will end their post with what they’re listening to at the moment“.

That remark stayed with me afterwards.

As it lingered in the back of my mind, I began to wonder about the songs I listened to & which of those were the ones I listened to the most.

After about a week, curiosity finally got the best of me & I delved into my music collection.

But with many files to choose from, I began to feel like the proverbial kid at the candy store as I wanted all of them !

To just look at the titles was a futile endeavour & there were just way too many to listen to.

So, changing my tactics I started to look if anything stood out & then playing it to see what it did to me .

For a while I thought that with “David Bowie – Jump They Say” I’d found my choice but then a few songs later I found that 1 really special song I’d been hoping to find.

It’s not a song I’d listened to lately but playing & then replaying it a couple of times as I thought of its singer with a smile, I knew it was Thé Song.

So, I e-mailed my friend & sent along the title of my choice.

“Energized” by it all, I went on-line to check some info on the singer as the song played on the background.

Much to my amazement I found his birthday was the very next day.

Which is now today, January 19th.

A question about music, a statement about blogs, wondering about it for all those days, going through my music list, listening to what stood out, finding that song & then later that little fact…

Maybe there’s no bigger picture, no deeper meaning but it sure is a odd/funny thing how these events unfolded in a… serendipity of sorts.

After all of that, I knew I had to write a post about it & about him, the singer.

He should’ve been 62 but unfortunatey he died back in September of 2003.

I’ll always remember him from his clips filled with heavily made up models but sorely miss him for his distinctive voice & wonderful songs.

Like the 1 that stood out, “Know By Now” from the album Honey by…

Robert Palmer RIP… & happy birthday sir !


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