Apocalypse… Now ?

To the ongoing mysterious animal deaths we can now add not only the dead birds found in Sweden but also dead crabs & starfish, which are piling up on England’s shores along what is known as “Thanet Coast”.

That’s… chilling news on its own but together with everything that’s been happening lately, it’s very disturbing.

So, WTF is happening here ???

According to the so-called experts, all of these apocalyptic-like events are nothing more than a mere coincidence.

Uh-huh, so no need to worry ourselves then ?

Nope, no need at all.

…hey, reports indicate that dead fish are now washing up in New Zealand as well… & Brazil apparently too.

Ok, deep calm breath & repeat after me:

“Mass deaths in the animal kingdom are perfectly normal, especially when they occur around the same time & involve multiple species around the world”.



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3 Responses to “Apocalypse… Now ?”

  1. redmoonmonkey Says:

    Monkeys will rule the world!

  2. Eluria Says:

    …are you perhaps one of the monkey overlords who will rule over this planet ?

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