The Sun Always Shines On TV

Hello & welcome to 2012 !

…wait, that’s not right, is it ?

After everything the media has covered these past few days, it suddenly seems like the end of the world is very near.

I mean this year has hardly begun & already we’ve had reports on…

The return of swine flu (remember good ol’ H1N1 ?), a partial solar eclipse, some woman as president of Brazil, dead fishes as well as dead birds in Arkansas & now dead birds in Louisiana too.

Add to those the ongoing floods in Australia & it’s not really weird to wonder about what the Hell might be happening.

But it’s especially disconcerting after what was said about 2010 at the end of last year.

All sorts of religious peeps appeared on TV to talk about how awful 2010 had been & that while the new year would bring change one needed to embrace that which was to come or something to that effect.

Well, I dunno about you but I don’t want to hug no dead fish OR swine flu OR a flood.

Come back 2010 !


…hm, I guess it’s no use now, 2010 is really gone.

Happy new year & welcome… to 2011 !


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