12 x 2010

During these past 12 months of 2010…

Incompetence was something apparently to be proud of as al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for a terror attack that failed from beginning to end.

That’s the spirit guys !

Certain Muslim groups in Malaysia were totally outraged when those pesky infidels Christians dared to use the word “Allah” in a newspaper to refer to God.

Stupid Christians, don’t you know those Malaysians Muslims have a monopoly on the word “Allah” ?

Conan O’Brien walked away from his dream job of hosting The Tonight Show after NBC Universal overlord Jeff Zucker destroyed… well, the whole of NBC basically.

Jeff Zucker was later fired & Coco got a new late-night show at TBS.

Say Jeff ? I hear al-Qaeda is looking for help these days…

A victim of an exploding cigarette in Indonesia led to a cigarette company spokesperson to actually claim their tobacco sticks do not contain “strange materials”.

I always assumed addiction & loss of health were natural ingredients but now I know for certain…

That glorious gammazon known as She-Hulk celebrated her 30th anniversary.

Congrats again Jen !

Libya’s very own Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, or as I like to call him “Crazy Uncle Mo”, used the celebration of Muhammad’s birthday as an opportunity to call for jihad against the Swiss because “any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against Muhammad, God and the Koran.”.

…I guess that explains why my packages with Swiss milk chocolate came back with “return to sender” written all over them.

Yet another Predator movie was released.

It might’ve been part 3.

Then 7 years after the US invasion of Iraq… still no sign of WMDs.

Maybe Saddam used cloaking technology to hide them, you know just like the US did with the reason for going there in the 1st place.

Speaking of hiding, after the US House Of Representatives voted “Yea” on health care the USA could finally show its face proudly among other nations who actually care for their sick.

Well done President Obama !

iPad’s turned out to be very blendable.

Is there no end to its uses ?

Our old pal Christopher Walken got his very own caricature at Sardi’s.

Oh wait, no he didn’t.

Muslim convert & allround people hater Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, better known to his mom as Zachary Adam Chesser, “warned” the creators of South Park for maybe depicting Muhammad.

Wow, what a guy !

Zach was later arrested on charges of terrorism after wanting to join up with the Sharia Lovers AKA al-Shabaab in Somalia. Helpful fellow as he is, he was probably on his way to “warn” them about something.

Hopefully he’ll be able to continue helping people by “warning” them… in prison.

TV series 24, in its 8th & final season, began its final 6 episodes which lead to several posts of quotes as a lazy tribute of sorts.

Sick person Roman Polanski claimed he wasn’t awaiting extradition for the sex crime of raping a minor but for the sake of publicity.

Disgusting little man Woody Allen came to Polanski’s defence.

Never knew they were friends but him doing that was about as shocking as Republicans proclaiming their undying love for rich white people.

Then, Everybody Draw Muhammad Day rolled around but its originator & South Park fan Molly Norris suddenly showed her true colours by distancing herself from the very event she called for.

EDMD came & went but Molly had to go into hiding & even changed her identity.

Seeing as she could look like anyone or anything now, perhaps we should hold a new EDMD… Everybody Draw Molly Day ?

Unsure if anyone had actually participated in EDMD, I went in search of these people & found only 1 willing to chat about it.

& although a drawing was made, he or she was too lazy to scan it.

Artist & actor Dennis Hopper died, followed only a few days later by the animal loving actress Rue McClanahan.

After which this web log was hit by people looking for all things pertaining to Wonder Woman because of her new direction in a less revealing outfit.

…probably the first time a woman has gotten so much attention for dressing up more.

The Food Standards Agency said products from cloned animals were safe to consume.

Repaying your already bought food is the biggest scam ever but no one complained.

Speaking of scams, after the intended remake failed to materialize the Weinstein Bros were close to losing their film rights for Hellraiser, so a new sequel was rushed into production.

Expect this oscar winner at your local DVD outlet, together with other fine direct-to-DVD Weinstein “movies” like the 7th Children Of The Corn (Revelation) & of course Feast 3: The Happy Finish.

Several years of odd search engine terms directing people here, lead to the start of “BISHFWILF” posts.

I have no idea why you’re here or what you expected to find but bless you “Burqa Sex” perverts for upping my site statistics !

September began by blogging on my blog about bloggedy blog blog.


After EDMD, International Burn A Koran Day made its debut.

As far as participation goes, this made up holiday event was less successful than EDMD but it ended up giving its originator Terry Jones, an unknown furniture seller Pastor, lots & lots of media exposure around & on 9/11.

Hey, how’s that furniture business going Terry ?

After nearly 70 days, all 33 trapped Chilean miners were rescued in a capsule from their collapsed Atacama desert mine.

Books & movies of men sitting around in total darkness are forthcoming.

We can only hope the Weinsteins aren’t involved…

Marvel showed its determination in making The Incredible Hulk profitable no matter what & announced a vague plan for a new TV series.

Why not retool it into a series about a female lawyer & her inability to stay calm under stress which makes her rip her clothes off ?

The actor Simon MacCorkindale died.

La France went le très nuts after learning they had to retire at a later age.

The actor Tom Bosley died.

Not a happy day.

In Burma, a new type of strange yet familiar looking snub-nosed monkey was discovered.

The creepy day of Halloween occurred on the same day a very real creepy event took place…

Owen McLauchlan, an EMT, showed us why having your tea break = being 1 of the a sick people.

As the coldness of winter started to set in, news arrived of an acquaintance of mine who had slipped into a coma & didn’t have long to life.

She died shortly thereafter.

Weird search engine terms kept giving this web log new visitors, so it became time for another BISHFWILF post.

I have no idea why you’re here or what you expected to find but bless you “Slutty Krypton” perverts for also upping my site statistics !

Just as it seemed the Hellraiser franchise was ruined beyond repair, its original creator Clive Barker himself was announced as the co-writer of an upcoming new ongoing comic series.

Praise Leviathan !

& last but certainly not least, there was a surprise image a friend of mine sent me for X-Mas.

12 Months 2010

Hey, Click Me !

Damn !

Anyway, since I guess that’s it for 2010, I’d like to take this moment to wish you folks Happy Holidays from all of us here at X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page.

See you next year… for more posts on Sick People, BISHFWILF & hopefully some Cheesecake too !


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