Regarding visitors to X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page, people come & people go.

But sometimes, just sometimes, someone arrives here looking for things of a more… unusual nature.

This is: “But I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”.

Going over this web log’s statistics, I noticed an unusual search engine term had lead not 1 but 2 people here recently.

That’s good news but also a bit weird as how did 2 different people come up with the same unusual term ?

What unusual search engine term did these persons type to get here you ask ?

“Slutty Krypton”

…ok, WTF is slutty krypton ???

A planet that was dressed like a cheap whore as it orbited a red star ?

A gas with no nobility ?

An exclamation Clark Kent utters every time Cat Grant walks past his desk ?

I really don’t know.

Do I want to know ?

Well, probably not… but hey, I’m still gonna Google it !

But before that, let’s try to find the answer by other means.

Yes, let us ask this question to… a random stranger.

Maybe they’ll know all that is to know about this “slutty krypton” & enlighten us with the answer…

Asking About Burqa Sex

Then again, perhaps not.

Very well, it’s Google time !

The #1 search engine will provide… an answer.

Asking About Burqa Sex


A crappy made Batgirl costume, some sort of Halloween wallpaper & type of ski boot ???

Ok, those are pretty much all non-answers.

So, how do those Google results relate to this web log ?

Why did those 2 visitors get referred here in the 1st place ??

Will I ever find the answer I’m looking for ???


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