A Cruel Winter

Hey, snowfall on WordPress ?

That pleasant effect can only mean that good ol’ December has arrived !

But this last month of 2010 began neither good… or pleasant.

As the nights get colder, the heating has been very much absent.

I saw this problem coming back in November but unforseen delays have plagued the solution from working its wonderful & hopefully warm magic.

The sooner this problem is fixed the better as sleeping in a cold bedroom is doable but unpleasant.

But that’s nothing compared to what awaited me in my mailbox.

An acquaintance of mine has suddenly slipped into a deep coma.

We spoke once during a lunch & after that there were the customary polite “hellos” whenever we ran into eachother but no meaningful contact.

It’s funny how much things can change in a year, as that lunch we had was a little over a year ago back in the autumn of 2009.

& seeing as her wishes were not to be taken to the hospital if this ever happened, I guess this is it for her.

I can’t imagine what her partner is going through at the moment but it must feel colder than winter…

Snow Weather


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