“The Denial”

The Denial.

That might read like a proper title for some creepy Halloween story but unfortunately it’s about something real & quite evil but still scary.

& it all started just a few hours ago…

A certain man, who likes to consider himself a Christian, came home after apparently having attended a service.

It was there that his wife (legally but not emotionally or physically speaking) had been watching some type of TV series.

She too sees herself as a Christian.

Then for some reason or another, they got into an arguement.

Who started it isn’t really relevant here.

What it was about isn’t really relevant either.

What is relevant is that they weren’t meant for eachother.

They never were.

How they’ve managed so many decades together without divorcing is anybody’s guess.

In any case, back to their arguement.

It got bolder, it got crazier.

It became… a fight.

A loud fight.

Loud enough that it was hearable through ceilings & floors & walls.

& so others heard their fight.

Before long, a telephone call was placed to certain someones which lead to the ringing of the doorbell.

By now the fight had ended, not with apoligies or sad guilt but with the man going up to his bedroom (just legally married remember ?) so the woman answered the door.

It was, surprise surprise, the police.

Armed with questions, a pair of tall policemen entered the house.

& separately the woman & the man were asked these questions.

Yet they both gave the exact same answer.

Nothing was wrong for nothing had happened.

The 2 policemen knew this wasn’t true for they had clear evidence that backed up what had happened.

But both the man & the woman stood by their answer.

So, the policemen told them they had to tell them the truth.

In a vague response the husband told them he & his wife were a Christian family.

To which the policemen replied that Christians do not lie.

It was then that the husband tried to deflect from the real matter at hand by telling them he had always been a good & hard working man & that certain evil people were trying to paint him in a bad light.

The policemen would hear nothing of it & told them they were going to write a rapport but that they couldn’t help them because the truth was being withheld.

Frustrated at what they’d just heard, the policemen left a few moments later & so nothing changed for the man or the woman.

By now you’re possibly wondering questions like…

“What kind of sick people do this ?”

&… “Who are these hypocrites ?

They are, biologically speaking, my parents.

& I have been around their behaviour since forever.

Happy Halloween…


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