Funny Monkey !!!

Going by what some locals told them, scientists were able to make a weird discovery in Burma recently.

& while these scientists are primatologists, their discovery has nothing to do with Than Shwe or insights on his behaviour.

Instead, what they discovered was a small population of a previously unknown type of monkey.

Estimated at no more than 330 individuals, this monkey population belongs to the so-called “snub-nosed” variety

Oddly enough, although the scientists saw these creatures for themselves, thus confirming that they’re real & do exist, no picture whatsoever accompanied this news.

A CGI impression however was released…

Snub-Nosed Monkey

Whoa, truly a face only a mother could love.

But why does it seem so… familiar ?

Look closer…

No really LOOK !

Snub-Nose Close-Up

Do you see it ?


It’s.. it’s…


Scared yet ?

I know I am.

*cue Vincent Price laughter*


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