What Really Matters

September 11th ?

Hmmm, there’s something about that date.

Yeah, something… but I can’t quite put my…

Oh, I know !

Today is IBAK, “International Burn A Koran Day”.

Spelled iBAK by Mac users, no doubt.

Here we are, mere months after the brand new EDMD & already another annual holiday event ?


2010 sure is rapidly turning into 1 festive year, isn’t it ?

I wonder what we’ll get to celebrate next ?

Maybe REWIS… “Rape Every Woman In Sight Day” ?

Or how about PAPA… “Pardon All Paedophilic Acts Day” ?

As some shamelessly celebrate these new disrespectful holidays, I’d rather reflect on what really matters.

Especially on a day like today…

Never forget the victims of 9/11


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