Hell Of A Revelation

Back in 1987 a movie, the first movie, was released.

It was something else.

Really something else.


While Fred Krueger was scaring teenage dreamers with his attempts at one liners & Mike Myers gave his sister the silent treatment, Hellraiser gave us the something alot more scarier.

Something genuinely scarier.

Human behaviour.

We were also introduced to a certain group.

Disfigured & monstrous, they weren’t quite human & looked something like a cross between a religious order & extreme piercing fetishists.

One of them spoke eloquently & acted as the leader.


This creature was nothing like the aforementioned horror icons & naturally struck a cord with the viewers.

& so a sequel was quickly made which featured the character more prominently while deepening the whole backstory / mythos of the Hellraiser universe.

6 more sequels followed, 3 of which were cinematic releases & the others direct-to-DVD but all with the guy with the nails in his head.

A few years after the latest sequel, talks arose of rebooting the series.

Then suddenly, after several false starts on this proposed remake, came the news of “Hellraiser: Revelations”.

Not the planned 1st movie of the reboot but an actual sequel movie.

However… without Pinhead.

As a fan, I didn’t see it & maybe I didn’t want to see it but this made me realize that this film series has really been going downhill all these years.

Along the way, the series lost the creator Clive Barker, the composer Christopher Young, the original protagonist, the original antagonist & eventually the budget too.

All essential because they made the first 2 movies into such unique experiences.

With actor Doug Bradley now opting out of appearing, it just seems so pointless to have another sequel.

The sequels not having those haunting musical themes, disturbing visuals or even the original cast was all made tolerable because Pinhead was still around.

Perhaps it’s poetic that with Pinhead gone, that last nail can finally be put in the coffin…

The Pinhead Cenobite

(You too can try to make your own Pinhead @ the South Park Studio)


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