Wonder No More

Hello & welcome to the 2nd half of 2010 !

According to stats, visitations to this lil’ blog o’ mine have increased dramatically these last few days.

I suppose I could make some sort of calculation to find out exactly how much of an increase but this ain’t no math blog.

Anyway, going over the list of search engine terms, there’s the daily usual (hot women) but also several new type of searches.

Suddenly, people have been looking for things like “wonder woman deodato”, “wonder woman issue 600” & “diana prince” .

Hmmm, I wonder if something’s up with ol’ Wondy ?

Now just to be clear here, I am not reading Wonder Woman comics, I’ve never seen the TV series with Lynda Carter & the fact that Joss Whedon couldn’t deliver the live-action movie version doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Ok, she gets points for the whole amazon warrior thingy but she’s just no Jennifer Walters.

However, anything that increases traffic to my blog must be good, right ?

First things first, who is Wonder Woman ?

Once upon a time, a queen from an isolated island full of immortal women wished for a child. The Greek Gods granted her that wish by bringing a piece of clay to life. Named Diana, she grew up as a princess.

Eventually, she left the island & now armed with the Lasso Of Truth & Bracelets Of Victory (& sometimes an invisible plane) she seeks to bring peace to the world of man as Wonder Woman.

…ok, that spells pretty weird & kinda boring in just about any language but seeing as her comic has been around since the 40s of the last century, how bad could it possibly be ?

Well, apparently bad enough to lose so many of its readers that DC are now desperate enough to accept Babylon 5 creator JMS’ drastic proposal to take Wondy in a new direction & a new less revealing outfit complete with *gasp* pants & a jacket designed by Jim Lee.

Wondy's new jacket look

Guess everything old is new again because some 15 years ago DC decided to change Wondy’s outfit by adding 2 things…

Wondy's old jacket look

Short tight pants & a jacket that never closed but sometimes came off.

Oh yeah, things were better back in the 90s.


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