The FINAL Day… In Quotes 4/6

Evil Hates Jack

Seeing as FOX not re-investing those big a$$ profits from a certain 3-D movie is forcing our favourite Counter-Terrorism Agent into an early retirement from weekly TV programming, let’s make the most out of the little time we have left with him by taking a closer look at the last 6 episodes of the groundbreaking series 24…

The following web log entry takes place between the time you start reading & the time it takes you to finish it.

Multiple forms of torture occur in real time.

It’s 01:00 PM

Tell me you have a lead on Bauer.

There are people within our own government that are trying cover this up, including President Taylor.

I’m honored to play even a small part in such an historic event.

You’re suggesting muzzling the press ?

They tagged it as a .308 Springfield.

He served with Jack in the Gulf before Jack was enlisted by CTU.

Listen, Jack, I sure hope you know what you’re doing, because this path you’re on, there ain’t no coming back from it.
– I wasn’t planning on coming back.

I want you to start erasing all your connections to me.

Are you sure that’s all you need ? Should I call the doctor ?

You know what he’s doing, don’t you ? He’s eliminating everyone involved, working his way up. How long before he gets to me ?

Did you hear what I said ?! That’s Jack Bauer !

The assailant is masked.

Jack, you’re making a mistake.

He’s been trying to kill the peace treaty from the start.

Don’t kill me, Jack.

Is it Bauer ?
– No. It’s the President.

The signing is in less than 2 hours.

They’re looking for you, questioning everyone, including me.

The White House is trying to suppress the story.

You were right about Jack.

I may be her daughter but I don’t have any official role in government.

Bauer knows.

Think of it as uh… sacrificing a rook for a king.

There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.

Evil Hates Jack


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