Woman Defends Rape Crime

Actor, director & all-round disgusting little man Woody Allen (AKA that pervert with the glasses) has come out in support of Roman Polanski.

(Roman Polanski) “was embarrassed by the whole thing”, “has suffered” (&) “has paid his dues.”

He was embarrassed ? He suffered ? HE ?!?

But wait, there is more…

(Roman Polanski is) “an artist & is a nice person” (who) “did something wrong & he paid for it.”

So, nice artistic persons drug & rape 13-year-old girls ? & fleeing to another country before being sentenced is paying for it ?? WTF ???

Just what is it with these celeb people & defending that which is clearly wrong ?

Is it the overpriced bottled municipal tap water mountain spring water they all drink that brings on a lack of common sense ??

Or could there be something new being passed around in Hollywood’s celebrity circles that’s more powerful than STDs & Scientology combined ???

You know, for a second or 2 there I almost wondered if the Vatican would be next to come out in support of poor ol’ Roman.

But then I remembered they prefer underage boys instead of underage girls.

My mistake.

In any case, this unusual but certainly not unexpected pairing of Allen & Polanski has reminded me of other celeb pairings.

Remember how Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck were named “Bennifer” or more recently, Angelina & Brad became “Brangelina” ?

Now those were just stupid sounding name mashes but in this case, Mr Allen + Mr Polanski =

WoMan 😯

Scary coincidence or the awful truth ?

Source: Who knew Woody would turn out crazy as well as disgusting ?


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