The FINAL Day… In Quotes 1/6

Evil Hates Jack

Seeing as soaring production costs are forcing our favourite Counter-Terrorism Agent into an early retirement from weekly TV programming, let’s make the most out of the little time we have left with him by taking a closer look at the last 6 episodes of the groundbreaking series 24…

The following web log entry takes place between the time you start reading & the time it takes you to finish it.

Spelling errors occur in real time.

It’s 10:00 AM

What the hell is Jack doing ?

You crossed a line, Madam President.

Even if they do, the evidence is still out there.

I expected more of a fight from you.

Hope that she’ll forgive me for keeping the truth from her.

No, it’s the President who’s lying.

What’d you do this time, Jack ?

We can make it look like the prisoner was killed while she was trying to escape.

Chloe, what the hell is going on ?

Where’s Bauer ?

Please, they’re gonna kill me. Chloe…

I’m under presidential orders.

The target is Jack Bauer.

They’re afraid of what I’m gonna do.

How far are you willing to go to protect this lie ?

Some people are so invested in their fear and hatred that peace is the most threatening thing they can imagine.

Son of a bitch.

Put your weapons down now !

We’ve got Jack. He’s locked down.

I know I should feel relieved, but I just feel worse.

You got a decision to make.

She’s smart. She’s smarter than either of us ever gave her credit for.

Stop this cover-up before it’s too late.

She’s finally got some teeth.

Evil Hates Jack


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