Being Put On The Spot

Yes, I Did Work For Roman Polanski In The Pianist... Uh, Why Do You Ask ?

No, you’re not seeing things.

That’s Adrien Brody being put on the spot by those lovable, huggable & extremely adorable yet nameless killers from outer space you might remember from such movies as “Predator”, “Predator 2”, “Alien Vs Predator”, “Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem” & the upcoming Predator 3

(technically Predator 5 but they’re ignoring Predator 2 so it’s Predator 4 however it’s also meant as the true sequel to Predator 1 which makes it Predator 2 but apparently it’s a reboot as well, sooo… it’s actually Predator 1 v2.0 ???)

… “PredatorS”.

The “S” stands for Soulless… or was it $equel ?


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