Harmful / Humorous / Hope

There are many kinds of people on this planet.

But for simplicity’s sake, let’s just look at 2 of those…

– There’s people who destroy their health on a daily basis

– & PR spokespersons who unknowingly explain things in a funny way

Indonesian Andi Susanto is an example of the #1 type.

Ever since being a little Andi (schoolboy age) he’s smoked cigarettes.

It had been always fine” he told The Jakarta Post.

Of course it had Andi, of course it had.

Anyhoo, as Andi (31 now) sped to his security guard job on his motorcycle, he lit up his 3rd tobacco roll.

Imagine his surprise when instead of finding the smooth heart stopping taste and rich lung destroying flavor, he was greeted by…

an explosion !

It knocked out several of his teeth, lead to 51 stitches & scars for life.

Now no one really knows why the cigarette decided to explode but the cigarette company behind Andi’s brand of choice made a statement…

We do not put any strange materials in the cigarettes, so we think that this is a weird case. This is the first time for us.

That’s right, not only are there NO strange materials whatsoever in cigarettes but should you happen to find any then the manufacturers didn’t put them there.

Thankfully, otherwise you might think they’re dangerous or something…

Scared of losing business Out of the goodness of their hearts, the tobacco company decided to fork over cash ($535) in an out-of-court settlement & also pay for the medical treatments.

As for Andi ?

He said he was going to try & quit.

Bit of a shame it took something extreme like an exploding cigarette but good for you Andi, good for you…

Source: Who knew those crazy PR people had a sense of humor ?


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