Meanwhile… In Malaysia

Mad Malaysia

Who knew those crazy extremists had a sense of humor ?


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2 Responses to “Meanwhile… In Malaysia”

  1. kungkekkuat Says:

    if roman church jesuits that managed IFC (inter faith commision) with certain purpose operating in south east asia, acknowledge about the true God Allah, then they would be converted into Islam innit?

    bla bla bla

    in malaysia, we have great tolerance in the practice of religion, until Zionist Illuminati agent use IFC to liberalise the religion practices in south east asia, using divide & conquer method to make problems here.

    …for their new world order

  2. kungkekkuat Says:

    there’d been many discusions amongst our fellow difference religion practices even before the issue here in malaysia

    we are multi racial/religion country

    i can say in Islam
    “There is no God except Allah”

    so, its funny yet roman church vatican through IFC stating God = Allah.
    mmm…if so, why roman church vatican accept Islam as true religion?
    as they knew they are not following true teaching of Isa a.s. but practicing paganism christianity….

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