Earth Dying = Obama’s Fault

December already ???

2009 sure flew by fast.

Possibly too fast but while the year is ending, the UN Climate Change Conference has only just begun.

The main goal of course is to reach some sort of international deal & get a replacement for the soon to end Kyoto Protocol.

Those politicians sure took their time to get there.

& even though mega polluters USA & China are part of the talks, nothing is certain.

Yes, the meeting could very well end with no deal in place.

So, it’s not that strange the people are pointing fingers & blaming these politicians for the issue of Climate Change.

No, not strange because each & every person lives in a bubble.

A bubble where you lead a happy & good life, where everything was great until those greedy corporations came along & started to destroy nature for $$$.

Those evil bastards !

No, you are not to blame for Climate Change.

These past 12 months…

– You could have bought energy saving light bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs but did you ?

– You could have used public transportation instead of the car but did you ?

– You could have helped the oceans by not eating fish but did you ?

– You could have bought a reusable shopping bag instead of asking for plastic ones every time you went to the supermarket but did you ?

– You could have saved water by showering instead of taking baths but did you ?

– You could switched off all those electrical appliances instead of leaving them on stand-by mode but did you ?

– You could have lessened air pollution by not taking that vacation by aeroplane but did you ?

Of course you did.

For Climate Change is the politicians’ fault.

Prez Obama in 2020

Earth dying = Blame Obama ?


Earth dying = Blame yourself !

Act NOW… or stay in your bubble.


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