Top 10 Reasons Letterman Slept Around

Ok, here we go….

The Top 10 Reasons David Letterman Gave For Sleeping Around:

– Number 10:

“Iran’s nuclear plans made me panic”

– Number 9:

“Paul Shaffer dared me”

– Number 8:

“I admire Bill Clinton”

– Number 7:

“I needed to do something to get better ratings than Conan”

– Number 6:

“What was I gonna do ? Say “no” ?”

– Number 5:

“It’s part of the Late Show internship”

– Number 4:

“When women say “no”, they mean “yes”…”

– Number 3:

“Married life is hard, ok ?”

– Number 2:

“I was doing research for my upcoming role in the Polanski biopic”

& the number 1 reason David Letterman gave for sleeping around is…

Late Show Top 10


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One Response to “Top 10 Reasons Letterman Slept Around”

  1. hoboduke Says:

    He never got any compliments either! Dave had a peephole into the ladies lounge as part of his agreement with CBS to have comfort women available. None of the ladies had any compliments on his prowess as swordsman. Katie Courac will have special report on the concubines of David Lecherman.

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