Would You Like A Bra With That Comic, Sir ?

Hey kids ! Comics !

…kids ?

With such distractions as videogames, drugs & pets, comics haven’t been reaching their original audience since the last century.

& while comic books are still being published, nowadays they’re mostly read by “adult” men. Thus the material isn’t even really aimed at kids anymore.

So with kids a lost cause and the current readers growing older by the day, comic book publishers must do something… anything to survive.

Like for example attracting… women readers !

Women however don’t wanna go anywhere near comics, which is a bit of a problem if you want their $$$.

Sure, they read Manga & sometimes even Fantasy themed comics like Sandman but rarely do they read superhero type of comics.

Not only are they apathetic if Doctor Doom wants to kill the Fantastic Four to death, they also find superhero comics to be nothing more than male-oriented power fantasies with a sexist approach to female characters.

So, I can only imagine the ecstatic happiness both DC & Marvel Disney are feeling about Agent Provocateur‘s new lingerie collection Slutty Cheapness “Autumn” being based on the concept of Super Heroines…


Meet Agent Provocateur Elite Xemplar AKA “APEX“, the new super heroines from the planet Voluptura (yes, Voluptura).

According to Agent Provocateur’s site they’re: “a group of genetically enhanced superwomen on a mission. & dressed in our latest collection of spectacular lingerie how can they fail ?

Wow !

Just knowing they’re out there, making the world a better place in their unmentionables makes me feel safer already.

& you can’t go wrong with such classic names like “Hornette” & “Nymphette”, now can you ?

& if you’re wondering, yes, they do have a leader…



There’s even a trailer for the upcoming “graphic” novel by writer Brady Webb & artist Staz Johnson

Makes you wonder if the Mouse will go all Mwahaha-Hostile-Takeover on these characters too.

Can you imagine Minnie, Daisy & Clarabelle wearing next to nothing in the name of female empowerment ? 😯


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