09 09 09 !!!

Bigger than the Hadron Collider (you malfunctioning piece of junk) !

More apocalyptic than 2012 !

& worse than the Disney / Marvel merger !

Is… today’s date.

No, nothing is going to top THIS very day.

Because today it’s the 9th of the 9th of the 9th.

Amazing, right ?

But wait !

Upside down = 666


So, does that mean The Devil will be attacking Australia today ?

Or possibly even the entire (& very much unsuspecting) world ???

Are we headed towards human sacrifice ?

Dogs and cats living together ?!?

Mass hysteria ?!?!?

Yes, this could very well be our Judgment Day.

Let’s see what the Newsies are saying:


– Naked guy’s kissing wish surprises George Clooney

– Obama gives Stay-In-School-Kids-Speech, Republicans horrified

– Holy monolith used as public toilet by tourists

WTF, that’s it ???

This isn’t exciting, juicy, end-of-the-world news. It’s just your average news crap of the day !

Just goes to show that even special dates happen on ordinary days…


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