It’s A $mall World… After All !

Many WTFs were uttered across the I-net (& in real life) when it became known that…


Yes, as you’ve no doubt heard / read by now… comic book publisher Marvel has been taken over by The Walt Disney Company.


Although shocking news, Disney suits were quick to reassure us that nothing would change.


But don’t take my word for it, let’s take a looksie @ a little thing I like to call… Evidence.

You see, before Marvel, Disney got their slimy paws on another property with famous characters.

The Muppets !

Sounds great, right ? I mean, Disney is this big & powerful entertainment company & those loveable Muppets hadn’t been seen on weekly TV since the end of “Muppets Tonight” in 1998.

Now this particular takeover was back in 2004. Think carefully, have you seen (m)any Muppet projects on TV since ?

Yeah, neither have I.

But then again Spidey, the Fantastic Four & others are monthly comics, not weekly TV series, so what could possibly go wrong ?



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