1-Page Comic Challenge 2009


Yes, even though a follow-up wasn’t planned, the 1-Page Comic Challenge was issued once again.

& after almost a whole month of hard labour (& a neverending supply of wonderful setbacks), it’s finally ready to be shown to an unsuspecting world !

Back in 2008, the very first challenge was issued by me. But this year I was the one to be called out.

It all began sometime late February, possibly early March when a pal o’ mine wanted to do it all over again.

& so we did.

I came up with a story for him to draw & he came up with 1 for me.

The catch being of course, it had to fit on just 1 single page. No more.

We then gave ourselves a deadline of about a month to finish the art & we were off…

But unlike last year, there was a theme this time. Superheroes.

This made the project, for me personally, a lot more challenging than the one we did in 2008.

The previously mentioned setbacks were genuine bastards. Never before had I encountered so much… “resistance” in getting some artwork done.

But in the end, I made it… barely.

Another week or so would have benefited the artwork but drawing & the finishing of the story was still an achievement for me. & now that it’s all over I’m glad I got such a “workout” of sorts with what my friend wrote.

Anyway, both of the finished 1-Page Comics are shown below in thumbnail form for you to get the gist of it.

FREE Comic ! another FREE Comic !

& you can download both of them as full-sized versions from Rapidshare with the following link.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Get both of your FREE COMICS !!! (one of them even has a separate credits page, how’s that for extra value ? :mrgreen: )


These downloadable scans are provided as CBR (Comic Book Reader) files.

To open such a CBR file, you will need a CBR file reader.

Reader for PC: CDisplay (click for download)

Reader for Mac: FFView or Jomic (click for download)


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