Hurting “The Lil’ Guy”…


Something unexpected happened folks.

Something REALLY unexpected.

Wolverine, killer & allround friendly superhero, has finally been defeated.

W-was it Sabretooth ?” you ask.

Not even close.

Magneto maybe ?

Wrong again.

Juggernaut then ?

Are you even trying ?

Nope. It was you.

Yes, you did it.

Joe Internet User.

I mean here we have, oops sorry, had a (fictional) man whose mutant powers can heal lethal injuries, combined with razorsharp claws & a killerinstinct.

& yet where every spandexclad supervillain failed these last couple o’ decades, you succeeded in the blink of an eye… just by clicking your mouse.

What ? You don’t think you achieved total victory here ?

The man has been so utterly broken by the ordeal that instead of going after you (relax, he’s fictional, remember ?) he had to get help from the Feds (they however are real, best start running).

So, congrats ! …I think



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