Obama Vs Osama – The Money Shot

Innnnn THIS corner, we have a man who desperately wants to make things better:


Innnnn the other corner, we have a man obsessed with the idea to impose his religious views by force:


& in another corner, comicbook artist:

Erik Larsen.

…wait, what ???

Yes !

Already having used Obama’s electoral victory to boost the sales of his comicbook, Erik has now sunk to a whole new level.

You see, thanks to the miracle of time-travel, Erik was able to see what lies ahead.

Upon his return, Erik was kind enough to share it with us by drawing exactly what he saw.

Namely, a no holds barred match between Obama & Osama !

& here’s what the actual fight will look like…

Yes He CAN !

Aside from clearly being a ripoff of the classic Captain America punches Adolf Hitler cover, it has NOTHING to do with the actual story inside the comic.

Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Mr Erik Larsen !


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