Comics U SHOULD Read – The Walking Dead #57

Gee, comics sure sound swell but which ones are for me to enjoy ?

Don’t fret, here’s help: Comics U SHOULD Read


-The Deal: “The Walking Dead” (AKA TWD) is a monthly comic about people trying to survive a plague of zombies.

Written by Robert Kirkman, drawn by Charlie Adlard & published by Image Comics.

-The Cast: Rick Grimes – an ex-police officer, Carl Grimes – his young son, Abraham Ford – military guy.

-The Now: Issue 57, the most recent one, was published January 7 2009.

After surviving some of the worst moments of his life, Rick along with his son Carl & new guy Abraham Ford are headed towards Washington DC.

It is there that, according to Ford, the answers to the whole zombie mess lie waiting for them.

When Rick decides to head back to his ol’ police station for supplies, the 3 of them are attacked…

-The Type: For people who love zombies, drama, action & great cliffhangers.


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