Jim Lee’s Image Problem

90’s comics superstar & Image co-founder Jim Lee is being plagued by eye troubles.

Or to be more exact, one eye is messing up normal vision for both his eyes.

Posted recently by the man himself:

I am having health issues with my left eye.

In fact, I am going in for surgery in about 4 hours to have excess scar tissue removed from my left retinal wall.

The complications are numerous and can include loss of vision, a greater likelihood of cataracts, a retinal detachment, infection etc but there is an 80% chance of you getting your vision back to essentially the way it was.

Is it worth the risk? Well, at this point, it’s getting harder to see objects especially at dusk in my peripheral vision and I have very patchy blurry distorted vision out of one eye and perfect out of the eye. The combination of the two leaves me disorientated at times and has proven to create some majorly spectacular headaches.

Yikes ! 😯

That’s bad news for anyone but for an artist…

Anyhoo, since then there have been NO updates whatsoever.

And curiously enough the post you just read was taken off his MySpace blog.

*POOF !* Like it never happened.

“But what does it all mean ?” I hear you ask.

Well, unless there’s some sort of (good) news your guess is as good as mine.

Hope you’re well Jim-bo !


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