What If…

Ok, so what if you washed up on a remote island with 30 beautiful women ?


Don’t you dare dream off, ’cause I’m not finished here !

Now, as I was saying:

What if you (yes YOU) washed up on a remote island with 30 beautiful women ?

Sounds like a real peach of a dream, right ?

Weeell, let’s take a closer look @ paradise.

Remember, it’s a REMOTE island, so…

  • There’d be no TV/Radio/Internet
  • There’d be no soap/deodorant
  • There’d be no scissors/razors/wax
  • There’d be no tampons

Now, let’s go over those lil’ factiods 1-by-1 shall we ?


No TV/Radio/Internet = no soaps, no music, no chatting.

With nothing to distract them, you’re gonna spending a whole lotta time listenin’ to females yakkin’ over & over & over & over & over again.

=> Bye bye ear function. 😦

No soap/deodorant = “hey, women don’t smell like roses after all”.

No shit, Sherlock ! Sure @ 1st they smell nice but wait a couple o’ days & you’ll discover a whole new side to them.

=> Bye bye nose function. 😦

No scissors/razors/wax = you’re gonna be looking @ hairy legs, hairy upper lips & verrry hairy you-know-whats.

Unless you’re from Eastern Europe, you’re gonna be quite surprised what a natural women REALLY looks like & wait till it teams-up with the whole no deodorant thingie – that’ll open up a whole new level of reality people usually prefer to avoid.

=> Bye bye eye function. 😦


Usually, it only takes 1 woman to drive a man in the comfort of his very own home utterly insane but 30 hairy, sweaty, gossipin’ ladies on an island you can’t escape from is very much Hell.

& there you have it my non-existent friends, the flipside of mixing remote islands with women. Not so tempting now, is it ?

Hey wait !” I hear you cry out.

What about no tampons ?

Well, I’m not even gonna go there. Your own mind can figure that scenario out by itself.


The horror, the horror…


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