The Miracle Of… Pop ???

Having worked at a friend’s house on a hot day had made me thirsty.

Unfortunately, he had nothing to quench it with.

As the time passed my thirst grew more & more intense.

& while we were going to end the day by celebrating (drinking !!!) @ a restaurant it wasn’t that time of day just yet.

So, upon finally walking to the trainstation my thoughts turned to finding some much needed fluids.

As logic would have it, there was a vendor @ the station but none of the others would join me in buying something to drink.

(How they haven’t developed kidney stones, I cannot tell you.)

Anyhoo, we walked up to the platforms to wait for the next train where I saw a vending machine.

It was then & there that I decided to spend some coins on a can o’ lemonade.

So, I stepped up to the thingie & looked for the choices offered & the necessary $$$ amount.

I quickly settled on “Fanta” & found that I couldn’t put the coins in fast enough.

The mere thought of gulping down some of that fizzy sweetness almost seemed like some sick fantasy about to become reality.

The usual “klang” came, followed a splitsecond later by another.

At least I had my drink but also something else.

As my 2 compadres looked on, I reached down & put my hands into the opening & took out…

TWO cans of soda pop.

Yes, that’s right. On that warm sunny day, for some reason or another, I received a free can.

Generous bastard that i am, I offered it to my amazed onlookers but they declined.

The sense of wonder was no less for it though.

Now I don’t know about you but that’s a sign in my book.

A sign that if you say “fuck it” & put your own wishes ahead of others you may accomplish something far far greater than you ever expected in your life.

What’s that ? “Did I drink the 2 cans of Fanta ?

Of course not, that would’ve been sacrilegious.

I just held on until the train arrived, then stepped out @ the next station, then walked about 10 minutes to find the restaurant, which then became inadequate, then changed the plans to another restaurant, then walked another 10 minutes, finally walked inside, mercifully sat down & ordered a bottle o’ coke.

…it was a small bottle.


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