1-Page Comic Challenge 2008


I’ve uploaded something I’ve wanted to share with you for some time now.

It all began earlier this year, sometime early February, possibly late January.


Ok, so what happens when you got nothing to do ???

Why, creative stuff of course !

Like for example…

You write a script for a pal who then illustrates it. He then writes one back for you to illustrate.

Awww, how sweet ? Big deal, right ? Not exactly, for you see, there was 1 catch.

The story’s got to fit on a single page !!!

Coming up with a tale & then sorting out the lay-out wasn’t exactly easy but the end results were… well… beautiful & surprising or in other words “a great idea”.

Both of the finished 1-Page Comics are below in thumbnail form for you to get the gist of it.

And you can download the full-sized versions from Rapidshare with the following link.

What are you waiting for ? FREE COMICS !!! (well 2 whole pages :mrgreen: )


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