Fancy Having A Go @… A Penguin ???

I am speechless.

I am without speech.

For you see, I just came across some news that’s just… just… well…

It comes down to this:

A seal raped a poor defenseless penguin for over 40 minutes.


Let me repeat that for you, in case it ain’t registering.

An animal from one type of species tried to force itself onto another type of species.

“Is that like a goldfish humping a snail ?” I hear you ask.

Of course not !

Goldfishes don’t dry hump :mrgreen:

Anyhoo, one of the scientists who observed the… “spectacle” said “At first glimpse, we thought the seal was killing the penguin“.

Now I have no idea what this did to the penguin’s emotional state but somehow I think it would’ve preferred dying instead of being exposed to the dark fantasies of that seal for nearly an hour.

The bizarre link o’ truth.


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