There’s Some Really Sick People In This Town #2

Ok, I have no idea how I’m going to explain this new installment of “Sick Peeps”.

However, I aims to please me legion of fans so I’ll give it a go.

Imagine if you will, a short fan-fic about…

The Batman !

Cool right ?

[Lex Luthor]WRONG !!![/Lex Luthor]

From the get-go this (virtually) penned atrocity comes with a twist so improbable even my good pal M. Night Shyamalan would puke after reading it.

It’s called “Batman: Nemesis Fight” & it’s quite likely unlike any other story you have read before or will ever read from this moment on.

Oh, I hear your naïve thoughts: “How bad could it possibly be ?

Just try to think of an example & you’ll simply fail. Yes, for no one in their right mind could’ve written this.

As a matter of fact, it’s SO bad it’s good but again not like you’re expecting.

So go ahead & try it out. You’ve got nothing to lose & only something to gain here.

Like, for example, the story you’ll be able to tell your adopted grandkids right before you’re hauled off to wherever it is ol’ folks end up.

Here’s the link that once again will proveth the horrid truth…


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