Coincidence You Say ?

“Like A Virgin”

What thinketh thou ?

Madonna ?

Not bad but what about “Like A Prayer” hmmm ?

What’s that you say ? Madonna again ??? My my my, will wonders never cease.

2 completely different songs with basically the SAME title… bit of a lazyloof in the naming department there Madge.

So, that got me thinking of the following:

What If… EVERY Madonna songtitle began with ‘Like A’ ?

Why we’d have such classics as:

– Like A Dress you Up

– Like A Causing A Commotion

– Like A Borderline

– Like A Vogue

– Like A Secret

– Like A Papa Don’t Preach

– Like A Open Your Heart

– Like A Material Girl

Of course in this alternate reality, my fave would be…

Like A Gap-Toothed Slut:mrgreen:


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