Relax, It’s Just Coincidence

So, this friend calls me up.

I’m happy, as it’s always nice to hear from him. So we start the talking thing.

He’d had a run-in with this girl he really likes but at a time & place he never had expected.

( A BIG surprise in other words.)

He was quite taken aback by this event but should he be ?

It reminds me of a time when yours truly was down in the dumps with me, myself & I. It was a dark & stormy winter evening with no one in sight as I crossed the bridge towards home.

I remember thinking: “Would it REALLY make ANY difference if I jumped ?”

Less than 0.2 seconds later a large ship emerges from under the bridge covered in these brightly lit decorations. At the back of the ship 3 children, 1 of them a girl.

She noticed me up above & gave me a warm smile while waving her hand to me.

It was at that moment I saw… exactly what I needed.

One hell of a coincidence but a comforting one.


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