B4 X-Mer: Today I Climbed A Tower…

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Around 6:20 I awoke. The remnants of my dream still fresh in my memory.
And what a dream ! A lurve dream
Luckily I was able to get my noggin examined a few hours later.
Around noon I got the idea to go climb a tower and check out the view.
It was there I got the message of death.
So, I said my farewells and bought a whole bag of fried crap on the way.
Finally, I decided to update this here now.
And there you have it… my day in brief.

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