B4 X-Mer: Let’s hear it for the boy !

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

No, this is not about the song by whats-her-name. This is about someone I know in real life.
You see, last tuesday he had this reall really really important test. And he succeeded, passed it, made it !
And that makes me happy (along with lots of other folks in his life I suppose).
Once again, well done & congratulations for nailing it dude !
Hear hear indeed !


2 Responses to “B4 X-Mer: Let’s hear it for the boy !”

  1. Feroz Says:

    Well, isn\’t this a nice surprise.

    Thank you for those kind words.

    I\’m lost for words, so I would like to leave it at that.

    Thank you.

  2. E Says:

    You\’re quite welcome… uh boy 🙂

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