B4 X-Mer: Hate ’05

Before X-Mer’s New Atlantica Page here on WordPress, there were the early days on “Windows Live Spaces”.

When they closed down, an offer was made to save & move content here.

What follows are some of my earliest attempts at… well… whatever it is I did there so long ago…

Join me in this festive look at some hate inspiring things before 2005 ends
– SpongeBob Squarepants. It’s a goddamn talking sponge
– Little kids that don’t shut the f*** up at the cinema
– Rightwing politicians & the idiots who support their actions
– JMS for ruining classic characters
– Soccer, & here I thought religious ppl could be fanatical
– Stinky fish, why can’t science create odorless fish instead of weapons ?
– Current popmusic, hel-lo talent ? hello ???
– Backstabbers, you know who you are you bastards !
– Consumerism, are you really gonna watch all those DVDs more than 2 times, hmmm ?
And last but certainly not least…
– Annual top 10 hate lists


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